End of Year...

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Where do we start? At the beginning I suppose...

The original SplinterBike returned safely from the V&A after being on display as one of many diverse exhibits in the Power of Making show. It was truly wonderful to have been part of this event and an honour to be included at such a prestigious public venue. You can read more here or see the blog post here.
Then we had all the excitement of the SplinterBike documentary première produced and directed by Tim Mills - TopBox Media.

It was a full house inside Screen 2 at Cinema City Norwich. There were even a few latecomers standing at the back, determined to catch a glimpse. Recently Tim has made the documentary available on-line so you can watch the whole thing via the internet. Smashing!

So far It's been broadcast in several countries and will be available in 2013 onboard Fly Emirates In-Flight Entertainment, so book early to avoid disappointment... or just watch it right here, right now!

SplinterBike Documentary
TopBox Media followed our story and have released the results for your delectation.

Follow the project and its comical eleven month journey to fruition, condensed into 51 action packed and often hilarious minutes!

(Broadcasting enquires via ScorpionTV.com)

Next, a local company here in Norfolk offered to CNC cut all the components for the "improved" SplinterBike CAD designs that I had been busy drawing up. Quantum Industries Norwich were totally accommodating and very generous with their support and time to develop these new ideas. The end result was a champagne and strawberry launch event to reveal SplinterBikeQuantum - a fully working prototype to test the changes from the original design. Our aim now is to develop this new format to create SplinterBikeThree that my No.1 SplinterBike pilot James Tully will mount in an attempt to set the Hour Record for 100% wooden bicycles... Stay tuned!

New additions... The opportunity arose this Autumn to get my dusty little hands on a CNC machine of my very own! Now, this may not seem very exciting to you if: a) you don't know what it is, or: b) you already have one and it's better than mine BUT... for me this is going to help no end with the necessary development, not only of the 100% Project but also for a new SplinterBike for the people, yet to be revealed...

2013: Lots of thrills and inevitable spills heading our way this coming this year! Not only will you be able to witness James and his indestructible underpants suffer at least one attempt at riding SplinterBikeThree for an hour, but also... designs are being layed down for a brand new wooden framed bicycle which is scheduled to be launched in restricted numbers from April 2013.

The new SplinterBikeHʌɪbrɪd comprises a wooden frame and wheels like you've never seen before, along with quality non wooden components. Follow me on Twitter for regular sneak previews and developments.

Please email me if you have an interest in being one of the early purchasers. SplinterBike@hotmail.co.uk

All the best for 2013!  Michael Thompson.

Invitation to...

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...the SplinterBikeQuantum launch.

Due to popular demand and on the request of the Adain Avion 2012 Cultural Olympiad, a new SplinterBike has been born.

I am delighted to invite you to an exclusive event to witness the revealing of SplinterBikeQuantum.

With adjustable handlebars and seat, a variety of competent riders can now enjoy the thrill of riding this 100% wooden concept bicycle.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the SplinterBike Project and also the chance to mount this unique vehicle - as long as you have an inside leg measurement of 32" or more!

The event will take place on Friday 15th June 2012
Between 1pm - 3pm
Kindly hosted by: Quantum Industries Ltd.
Diamond Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 6AN

Please email or call me should you need any more information.


Michael Thompson
07768 772366

No going back...

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...time to seal the deal!

It's taken a while to get all the Lignum Vitae bushings made and set in SplinterBikeQuantum's monocoque and now the time has come to glue the two halves together and permanently encase the bottom bracket and pedal gears.

I recycled some old Crown Green Bowling Bowls to create the Lignum Vitae Bushings for all the areas that turn in opposing directions.

Get a grip...

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...this bank holiday weekend!
At last, winter is over and despite the current damp spell I'm busy assembling the new and improved SplinterBike in preparation of our next mission...  The Hour Record for 100% Wooden Bicycles - this will require No1 SplinterBike rider James Tully to pedal SplinterBikeThree for 60 minutes and the total distance travelled, without putting his feet down, will be the new Hour Record for 100% wooden bicycles.

I'm starting from the ground up and as usual, the only materials I can use are: wood and glues, no bolts or screws!

In addition, I have been asked by the Cultural Olympiad, which is part of the London 2012 Olympics, to produce a special model that has an adjustable seat and handlebar positions to give more people the chance to have a ride. SplinterBikeQuantum will be included in the Adain Avion event as part of the London 2012 Festival – a chance for everyone to celebrate London 2012 through design, dance, music, theatre, the visual arts, film and digital innovation.

Get your name on SplinterBikeThree! 

Documentary no longer under wraps...

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...unboxing the SplinterBike DVD

So, the DVD has been available for over a week now and people from all over this crazy planet of ours have been busy placing their orders and enjoying the film.

We have had many wonderful texts, emails, tweets and facebook comments about our adventure, one of which I would like to share with you now...

"I laughed so much I had to change my shorts!" Eric Swenumson, California, USA

One of our BIGGEST fans (he's very tall, and goes by the name of Rogier) has even captured the moment that his copy arrived at his home in Belgium, by making an Unboxing Video!

A huge thank you to everyone who has already ordered their copy; everyone else can order it via this link: SplinterBike DVD

Encountering problems ordering your DVD? If so, please email: splinterbike@hotmail.co.uk

...and the winner of Best Documentary about a Wooden Bicycle is...

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...SplinterBike TheMovie!

Saturday 4th February 2012:

World Première of the SplinterBike film, which captures the surprising highs and inevitable lows of our long and often arduous journey. Produced & Directed by Tim Mills - TopBox Media.

I must confess, I was slightly apprehensive about it all. I hadn't seen the documentary in advance and there is something quite unnerving about watching the last year of your life on a 30' wide screen along with 96 people for the very first time! Tim had assured me on several occasions that I had nothing to fear (but fear itself) and that everything was going to be portrayed as it should be.

James however, had resigned himself to accept whatever was coming and didn't hold back on the Shandys prior to us taking our seats in Screen No2 of Cinema City. Now that's how a true Triathlete conducts himself!

If you would like to order the DVD for your own personal delectation, then simply click here and send Tim a message. He will respond and put you on the list. Enjoy, we all did!

Roll up, roll...

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...out the red carpet!

SplinterBike TheMovie

10.30am - Saturday February 4th

Cinema City - Norwich - Tickets £2.50

Click below to register your attendance via facebook

If you don't do facebook (like me) then email: SplinterBike@hotmail.co.uk

Be quick, limited capacity!!!

We got Mail...

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...Fan Mail!
This morning, the postman delivered the post as per usual. Little did I know that amongst the usual tittle tattle of broadband offers, double glazing bargains, charity appeals and the odd Crimbo card or two was a little piece of SplinterBike history... FAN MAIL!!!

Each year, our biggest fans, Bob and Sally Turner produce a Christmas CD for their friends and family. Last year they we're inspired by the work of Theo Jansen and his amazing Strandbeest project.

This year, is our year... Bob and Sally have designed their CD cover using the Splinterbike story to help bring a smile to all who recieve it. The CD is entitled "Another Reason to be Cheerful" and it includes 20 uplifting and thoughtfully selected tracks to inspire the listener.

Thanks for sending us a copy!!!

Some clubs are worth joining...

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Here's your chance to get in the SplinterBikeClub! An exclusive elite of wooden bicycle enthusiasts, hacking away in their sheds and garages to make the world a better and slightly funnier place.

The money raised will help us develop our ideas and stretch the possibilities of 100% wooden bicycles to breaking point. We also want to raise funds to tour our ideas and concepts within schools and colleges.

We are keen to get you involved with our bike project. Maybe you are struggling to find the perfect gift for that special person this Christmas? Why not give the gift that keeps on giving and buy them a piece of SplinterBike history!

Not only will you become a member of the SplinterBikeClub, you will also receive this keyring which has been made from the same wood stock from which the original SplinterBike was created. A blend of Ekki and Birch come together to create the perfect fob for your shed or garage key.

Click this link and climb onboard today... ONLY £49 including shipping. (my shed key not included)

The Swiss watch...

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...and learn!

I have just returned from my 1800 mile trip to Switzerland and back.

I took SplinterBikeTwo to show the delegates at the conference for the SAH -  Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Holzforschung which is the Swiss association for wooden research.

My new friend Iwan, the chap who booked me to give the SplinterBikeProject lecture, found out about us when he was asked to organise a dinner speaker. He simply typed into Google... Wood, energy and technology and up we popped and off we went!

This video shows the last minute of my presentation, if you or your organisation would like me to speak at your event then please get in touch via the Contact Us page or click here.

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