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...and the winner of Best Documentary about a Wooden Bicycle is...

posted 6 Feb 2012, 02:38 by ThomoCo   [ updated 7 Feb 2012, 04:57 ]

...SplinterBike TheMovie!

Saturday 4th February 2012:

World Première of the SplinterBike film, which captures the surprising highs and inevitable lows of our long and often arduous journey. Produced & Directed by Tim Mills - TopBox Media.

I must confess, I was slightly apprehensive about it all. I hadn't seen the documentary in advance and there is something quite unnerving about watching the last year of your life on a 30' wide screen along with 96 people for the very first time! Tim had assured me on several occasions that I had nothing to fear (but fear itself) and that everything was going to be portrayed as it should be.

James however, had resigned himself to accept whatever was coming and didn't hold back on the Shandys prior to us taking our seats in Screen No2 of Cinema City. Now that's how a true Triathlete conducts himself!

If you would like to order the DVD for your own personal delectation, then simply click here and send Tim a message. He will respond and put you on the list. Enjoy, we all did!