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Disaster AA-voided...

posted 17 Oct 2010, 11:56 by ThomoCo
Eventful could be one way of describing the journey to Skeggy and back today, almost disasterous could be another...

All went well initially with our mission, arriving in Skegness as per the pre arranged collection time, lathe loaded onto the trailer successfully, a nice cup of tea and a chat with John and his wife and off we went, destination: Eco-Shed, Norfolk.

After about an hour, I suddenly found that I only had 3rd and 4th gear... A bit worrying as with all the weight of the lathe and trailer behind me, I knew I had to keep rolling to a suitable place to stop. I managed another 20 miles without coming to a halt and then... Salvation: McDonalds! I knew that we could wait here for the AA with the convenience of toilet facilities and rank food.

Within half an hour a very nice man arrived and within another 30 minutes we were on our way again thanks to a bit of wire and a cable tie to connect the gear mechanism back together!

Good job I'm a member of the AA otherwise I would have had to fix the car with my wooden gear system, not sure how long that would of lasted!