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Excuse my nuts...

posted 9 Oct 2010, 09:47 by ThomoCo   [ updated 9 Oct 2010, 11:22 ]
...and bolts!

The more eagle eyed amongst you will notice that on this prototype model (PT001) I have used some nuts and bolts to secure the axle positions. This is just a temporary measure so I can adjust everything to accomodate James.

Speaking of James, he came over the other day and had a sit on The Splinter.  I checked all the required positions and now I can strip the bike down and sort out the finer details.

I still need to reduce the overall weight (quite a lot!) by routing out the spokes in the front wheel and i'm also hoping to reduce the weight further by taking some of the frame away.

The biggest challenge is yet to come... the pedal system. I have a design in mind, but I haven't drawn up any scale drawings as yet.  I am prepared for the long haul with this part of the build, it's going to be more than tricky!

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