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If your name's not down...

posted 6 Jun 2011, 00:20 by ThomoCo   [ updated 6 Jun 2011, 15:08 ]
...you're not going on!

On Saturday at 5.30am, we tested the SplinterBike again at a secret location here in Norfolk.

This run was much more successful than the SplinterBike's first test. James was able to accelerate away from his push start before having to slow down to avoid crashing into the hedge at the end of our test track, which is only 112 metres long!

All didn't go exactly to plan though. We soon heard a noise coming from the left Olympic Pedal arm, which is yet to be investigated...

Despite this minor occurrence, we are over the moon with the overall performance of the SplinterBike and are now gearing up for our Speed Record... attempt!

Before we can set the record, we still need your support...

On Friday we launched a campaign to encourage our many supporters to get personally involved and get the chance to have their name on the SplinterBike.

Having failed to secure a main sponsor to cover our record setting costs, we have turned to you to help us on our way. Just donate £5 and your name will go on the side of the SplinterBike and be there for all to see when we set the speed record!

Plus of course, your name will remain visible when it goes on display at the V&A Museum - Power of Making exhibition in London and the subsequent V&A national tour for 18 months from September 2011. Thereafter it is intended to spend it's remaining days on show at the Transport Museum in Coventry from Februrary 2013.

Now that's good value for a fiver!!!

To join the others who have already signed up to this amazing opportunity to have your name permanatly associated with our groundbreaking project, click the link below...

We have designed and built a 100% wooden bike on which we intend to set a land speed record.

To enable this vision to become reality we need you to sponsor us today and help us cover the necessary cost involved in making that record official.

Get your name on the side of the SplinterBike!
...for only £5 !

  • This scheme is intended for personal supporters. Your name will be included on the side of the SplinterBike and your name will also be included in a role of honour on the website.
  • The minimum donation for this scheme is £5 or more.
  • If you would like your name included, simply click here then click the big red "Donate Now" button to donate now!

  • So many thanks to all the people listed below who have already donated to this scheme...

Laila Noort - Rogier Noort - Joseph Thompson - Alan Fortune - Suneil Basu - Alexander Tidswell - Felix Hewison-Carter - James Hewison-Carter - Carsten Lohmann - Ciaran Mooney - Hugh Knowles - Mark Goodwin - Roger Perry - BicycleBusiness (Front Page Creations) - Mike Waddingham - Swen Design - Scott Gow - Sam Bryan - Félix Maltais - Dorota Kostopoulou - Merlin Crossingham - Eugene Efremov - Nina Dar - Timo Anttila - Timothy Harris - Gerd Müller - Hans-Henning Lundberg - Adam Sykes - Faith Codd - Bridget Elahcene - Tony Gibbins - Philip Thompson - Celia Thompson - Urszula Kardasinska - Paul Merrett - Michael Ryan - Uncle Wilco - readersheds.co.uk - Machiajelly - Andy from Workshopshed - Andrew Charalambous - Nathan Nelson - Stephen Mott - David Beacham - Kristopher Tavender - Nick Jones - Ian Palmer - Andy Goldstein - Bobby Gould - Ben Bullen - Krzysztof Borowiak - Paul White - Austin White - Tony the flying Pig - Frederik Wulff... YOUR NAME?