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Location, Location, Location...

posted 3 Oct 2010, 13:57 by ThomoCo   [ updated 3 Oct 2010, 14:38 ]
Now, we need to make a start in deciding on the location for our landspeed record... attempt.

A couple of obvious options spring to mind... We have quite a few old airfields here in Norfolk, some in use, some abandonned and waiting for new owners to give them a new lease of life - unlikely during this current economic downturn.

The other option is to find a Velodrome. The UK has a good selection but none close to home, so we would have to travel quite a distance. This brings issues and complications, mainly that I would have to take half my workshop with me to attend to any arising woodwork related issues we may encounter!

James, our triathlete rider, is keen on the velodrome idea because as The Splinter has no brakes, he could take a couple of laps to build up some speed and a couple more after the record is set, to come to an undignified halt, rather than running out of track on the airfield and ending up in a field, causing possible damage to The Splinter... oh, and possibly injuring himself too (of course).

Our record setting mentor Malcolm Pittwood is actively sourcing possible locations on our behalf but please do get in touch with any suggestions. Reviews of velodromes that you may have used will be most welcome, please email me on thompson_norwich@hotmail.co.uk

Malcolm has organised successful speed record attempts for Primetime Land Speed Engineering, Team Maximum Impulse, Bluebird Electric, Gillette MACH3, CAR Magazine, Volvo and Seat. He still holds four car endurance UK National class records up to 24 hours (within a team of professional drivers and journalists).  He has been organiser and/or consultant on Milk Float, Fire Engine and several UK National class record attempts up to 1000 km, as well as giving advice to many potential world record or International speed bids by Britons.  Look out for him on the next series of Fifth Gear for his latest record which may be aired as early as Friday 8th October. 

He told me that having organised speed attempts in the USA and Tunisia he is looking forward to one closer to home in Norfolk - a County he has had contact with during the past 50 years.

We will try our very best not to let him down!!!