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Roll out the...

posted 19 Dec 2010, 10:57 by ThomoCo   [ updated 19 Dec 2010, 12:05 ]
... red carpet!

Speed record royalty arrived yesterday in the form of Malcolm Pittwood from the Speed Record Club.

I worked until midnight the night before to get the Splinter Bike in working order to ensure Malcolm could see for himself a fully working 100% wooden bicycle. 

Malcolm brought his brother along, who lives locally, maybe as a witness in case no-one would believe him when he told them that he had seen a bike made of wood in a shed made of earth! James and I spent an hour or two with them in the Eco-Shed that thanks to the recently installed woodburner, isn't as cold as it used to be!

Anyway, he was suitably impressed with our "operation" and gave us his full endorsement and will pursue further the search for a suitable location for us to conduct our land speed record... Attempt!

As you can see in the photo, I had the bike set up on a Turbo Trainer in order for James to put it through its first tentertive revolutions. Apart  from a few initial glitches, James managed to get it up to 350 RPM (without resistance), which equates to a speed of 28.96 MPH. We hope to improve massivley on this and aim to exceed 37.6 MPH, which is 10% of the current two-wheeled land speed record - although they used an engine!

Apologies for the quality of the photo. It was taken by the director of the film company that is filming this project. He'd been on a Christmas doo the night before... They don't call him Two Pints Timmy for nothing!