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Some clubs are worth joining...

posted 4 Dec 2011, 09:50 by ThomoCo   [ updated 4 Dec 2011, 09:51 ]

Here's your chance to get in the SplinterBikeClub! An exclusive elite of wooden bicycle enthusiasts, hacking away in their sheds and garages to make the world a better and slightly funnier place.

The money raised will help us develop our ideas and stretch the possibilities of 100% wooden bicycles to breaking point. We also want to raise funds to tour our ideas and concepts within schools and colleges.

We are keen to get you involved with our bike project. Maybe you are struggling to find the perfect gift for that special person this Christmas? Why not give the gift that keeps on giving and buy them a piece of SplinterBike history!

Not only will you become a member of the SplinterBikeClub, you will also receive this keyring which has been made from the same wood stock from which the original SplinterBike was created. A blend of Ekki and Birch come together to create the perfect fob for your shed or garage key.

Click this link and climb onboard today... ONLY £49 including shipping. (my shed key not included)