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We're bushed...

posted 15 Dec 2010, 12:06 by ThomoCo   [ updated 15 Dec 2010, 12:35 ]
... up.

Today was a productive day, I managed to bush up all the hubs on the frame without major issue.

The next stage is to do the same to the wheels and all the parts of the drive system that will want to rub against each other, I'm using Lignum Vitae to minimise friction.

We are expecting visitors in the form of Malcolm Pittwood & Co from the Speed Record Club on Saturday to go through the rules and regulations for the record attempt, there's a lot to do if we want to impress them and show them a viable working wooden bike!

The film crew from TopBox Media (who are following our journey) have released a couple of new short promotional films this week, take a look at them below. Be sure to leave your comedy comments on their YouTube page!